Supermeta Unveiled: Pioneering the Next Wave of Liquid Restaking in DeFi

2 min readOct 29, 2023

In an era where distributed technologies are gaining unprecedented traction, the DeFi landscape is undergoing rapid transformation. Among the most promising innovations in this space is the concept of restaking, a novel approach that allows protocols to leverage the robust security provided by Ethereum. But the implications of restaking go beyond just security.

What is Supermeta?

Supermeta stands at the intersection of innovation and opportunity in the DeFi realm. It’s not merely another protocol; it’s a revolutionary platform that empowers users to craft Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs) using custom strategies from restaking primitives such as EigenLayer. In essence, Supermeta serves as a bridge, connecting users to the expansive world of restaking and enabling them to earn commissions from their uniquely crafted LRTs. Furthermore, our SuperETH MetaLRT ensures a consistent liquidity layer, making transactions seamless and efficient.

Restaking: Security, Earnings, and Beyond

Restaking offers a dual advantage. On one hand, it allows any protocol to tap into the unparalleled security infrastructure of Ethereum. On the other, it presents a golden opportunity for investors and participants to earn more from their existing liquid staked capital. However, the current restaking model from EigenLayer locks up funds, making them illiquid. This is where Supermeta’s Liquid Restaking Protocol shines, offering liquidity without compromising on the earning potential.

The Upcoming Testnet and the Road Ahead

We’re on the verge of launching our v1 public testnet, a significant milestone in our journey. Early adopters and DeFi enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to dive into the Supermeta ecosystem, earn Supermeta Points, and be pioneers ahead of our mainnet launch.

Join the Supermeta Revolution

The ethos of Supermeta is rooted in community, decentralization, and user empowerment. We envision a future where every individual, irrespective of their financial background, can harness the power of DeFi, craft their own restaking strategy that aligns with their audience’s risk appetite, and earn fees.

In a nutshell, Supermeta introduces the next generation of yield products in DeFi, emphasizing secure restaking and transparent processes for users. As we stand at this exciting juncture, we invite you to be part of our journey, to collaborate, innovate, and redefine the future of finance.

Together, let’s shape a new era in DeFi.

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Supermeta is a Liquid Restaking Protocol that lets users craft LRTs with custom restaking strategies to earn fees, while SuperETH ensures unified liquidity