Experience Supermeta Restaking Testnet: Phase 1

4 min readFeb 9, 2024

Welcome to Supermeta, where we’re redefining the liquid restaking landscape with cutting-edge solutions for limiting risk and enhancing returns. We invite you to dive into our testnet and experience what we’ve built so far. Here is our comprehensive step-by-step guide to navigating the Supermeta testnet on Goerli.

Contract Addresses

LSD / Testnet stETH: 0xc3D5B4eA46018870cC64d7caC7EDDe7ad5EDAAEE

LRT / Supermeta stETH (sstETH): 0xeD5706f81c7c66E1E9B79e467aA633D1C254Ff05

Withdrawal NFT: 0x53Cd00514B250bB40426E8a519bb999B7D74c5Df

Testnet Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/ivDwTtjUv8pE1aW87

Steps for Restaking (100 Points)

  1. Visit our dApp at app.supermeta.fi or goerli.supermeta.fi
  2. Connect to the Testnet

2A. Upon visiting, you’ll receive a prompt as shown below. Press “Connect Wallet” to proceed. If you’ve been whitelisted through our social campaigns, your wallet will automatically connect to our testnet.

2B. If you’ve been invited through a referral code, enter the code in the designated box as shown below. This action will lead to your wallet connecting to the testnet.

3. Mint your Testnet stETH
We recommend using the Metamask wallet for a smoother user experience. Ensure you have some amount of GoerliETH for gas fees in your wallet before proceeding.

Press the “Mint” button and confirm the transaction to claim 10 stETH that can be used for testing.

4. Deposit stETH (Restake)
Enter the desired amount of stETH you wish to deposit and click the “Deposit” button. Approve the transaction in the wallet prompt received as shown below.

A second Metamask popup will request you to “Confirm” the transaction, after which you’ll receive the equivalent amount of Supermeta stETH (sstETH), our isolated LRT.

5. Track your Rewards
After successfully receiving your sstETH, rewards will be directly rebased to your wallet, and your sstETH balance will increase. You can also track your rewards on the Reward History page, where you’ll see them accumulating.

Hold your sstETH until the end of the campaign to earn 100 Supermeta Points.

Refer your friends (+10 Points for each referral)

To refer friends, simply click on the “Refer” button located in the header. This will display your unique referral code. Share this code with your friends and acquaintances. You can monitor your referral count under the “Total Referrals” section. The “Total Value Staked” reflects your stake and that of those who joined using your referral code. More referrals mean more staked assets, resulting in higher points for you.

Unstaking sstETH

  1. Request withdrawal of your stETH
    You can withdraw your Testnet stETH by navigating to the Redeem or the Withdraw tab and enter the amount of sstETH you wish to unstake. Press “Max” to unstake all tokens and then click “Create Withdraw Request” as shown below. Approve and Confirm transactions that will appear in your wallet.

2. Withdraw your stETH

Look for a “Not Ready” button under the “Withdrawals” section and wait at least 10 minutes to redeem your token. Once ready, check for the “Redeem” button and claim your stETH. Complete the transaction by approving it in the wallet prompt as shown below.

Once completed, your unstake process is successful, and stETH tokens would be deposited to your wallet.

Congratulations on navigating through the first phase of Supermeta Testnet! As you’ve explored the innovative features of our Liquid Restaking Token (LRT) and witnessed the enhanced liquidity they offer, you’ve become an integral part of our mission to democratize the restaking landscape.

We invite everyone to actively participate in the testnet phase and share your valuable experiences with us over here -> forms.gle/ivDwTtjUv8pE1aW87. Your input is not only appreciated but also instrumental in shaping the evolution of our dApp.

Remember, being early in this industry is always a plus! Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more accessible and rewarding restaking experience.

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Supermeta is a Liquid Restaking Protocol that lets users craft LRTs with custom restaking strategies to earn fees, while SuperETH ensures unified liquidity